UNDER CONSTR. I live in Italy, Rome, with my wife Emilia and my son Alessio. My passion for astrophotography started when I was at high school: my best friend had a 114/900 and soon I convinced my father that I also needed one.

After experimenting with new eyepieces, RA engine and EOS camera adapters I realized that I needed a better sky and a far better mount. It was only after my first job that I started again, buying what I though was the final telescope for me... It was a Marcon SC 250 over a Marcon MB 50 mount. a nice couple visually but not the perfect solution for astrophotography.

The next step was an incredible Canon 400 f. 2.8, which I used with satisfaction during my last years with film. In 2004 I finaly ugraded to a TEC 140, the telescope that I still use: it has been the best decision in my astro-journey, incredible value and quality.

The TEC deserved a new mount and I upgraded to Bellincioni, Omega and Alpha. These mounts are TEC equivalent in quality. With the new combo I also started my ccd experience, using a SBIG ST8, a SE H9, a SE H36and from last August a Moravian 16803.

In 2010 I started the build of a remote observatory and got the first remote image in February 2012.

Despite the energy and time required, the storms, the lightning strikes, the critters, I am still enjoing this a lot.

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